Over the past several years Carmel Construction Services has gained momentum in both residential and commercial construction arena, mainly through referrals and by "word of mouth." 

I was groomed by my parents and siblings to be self motivated and a forward thinker. At an early age I was introduced to hard work and that a relationship is more important than money.

My name is, Jason "Jay" Richardson, owner of Carmel Construction Services. I am a life long local, born in Newport Beach, California. I am a proud American countryman, husband, and father of two children. I do not put people in boxes according to their race, sex, religion, neighborhood, or abilities...it is character that counts. Because I represent my family, I abide by the policies, rules and guidelines of the governing agencies set in place by the City/County Departments and Contractors State License Board. I understand that it is a privilege to own a business and represent oneself well to the community it provides service too.


God Bless America.